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Please share with us your own original story, art, fiction or poetry. Inspire us with your own life or that of someone who has touched you in a significant way.

In order for us to post materials on the Emerging Into Light website, we request that you sign our Authorization Form. Please note that this contact information will also be made available to anyone that may be interested in using/purchasing/copying your materials.

Our Authorization Form can be viewed in two different formats - PDF or Word Doc

Please note that you must provide a current email address and phone number. If possible, please send your submission in the digital format to EIL@cmha.ca. We do not accept submissions via regular mail, and we accept materials in English only. Materials will be posted for a period of one year and then taken down.

Please fax or mail the completed form to:

Emerging Into Light
Canadian Mental Health Association
Phenix Professional Building
595 Montreal Road, Suite 303
Ottawa, ON K1K 4L2
Fax: 613-745-7750

Please note that original materials will not be returned.

Thank you for your commitment to helping make mental health matter.