1st Person -1st Person is a magazine devoted to giving accounts, opinion and artwork from the perspectives of people who have had mental health conditions, rather than from the professional point of view.

Jane's Mental Health Page - Personal Stories - The stories you are reading from the Storybook are true accounts, or are collections of actual events that happened to a person. These stories are often told from a first person point-of-view.

Internet Mental Health - Stories of Recovery - Internet Mental Health - Stories of Recovery - telling how individuals have coped with their illness.

Pendulum Resources - A Bipolar Disorders portal

Elaine's Panic Page - The personal page of a single mother of two grown children and a two year old dog from Newfoundland, who has suffered from a panic disorder and agoraphobia for twenty- four years.

BipolarBrain.com - The intention of this site is to provide understanding, information, and exploration.

Wigging - I'd like you to know more about manic depression, so you can better understand the other manic depressive people you know, and if you're manic depressive yourself, I'd like to offer you a bit of encouragement and companionship.

My OCD Den - Living with OCD.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance - Information on mood disorders and of personal stories.